Meet the Team

Joseph Stebel started working in a retail fish store at the age of 12 years old. From there he found his passion for the tropical fish industry. After being in the business and working for multiple wholesalers, he decided to branch off and open his own wholesale facility  where he had 2,500, 30 gallon, freshwater tanks and 200, 100 gallon, saltwater tanks in Chatsworth, California in the year of 1965. Joseph then sold the store in 1976 and continued his studies and became a fisheries biologist. He then went to work for a Pharmaceutical company doing further research on fish and fish diseases.

After many years of research, Joseph decided to go back into fish industry in 1996 where he open Pacific Island Imports, Inc. Joseph has traveled the world and met many different suppliers where he developed closer relationships. When his son, Brett Stebel, graduated from college in Hawaii he then decided to join his Father in the transship industry in 2001. Brett has also always had a passion for the industry and besides maintaining the greenhouse, he also has a personal 180 gallon tank and a 60 gallon frag tank. Antonio Pineda also joined the company in 2001 where he manages a 12 man re-ox crew at our warehouse down at LAX.