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Pacific Island Imports Inc. is a father and son run company that brings half a century of expertise into every shipment you purchase We are dedicated to bringing you the finest in Marine Aquarium livestock, as well as freshwater products PII imports weekly from over a dozen countries from around the world. We sell to distributors and wholesalers across the United States and internationally. We specialize in selling to retail stores where there are no distributors available. Even where there are distributors PII can supply product that others cannot. PII has solid relationships with their suppliers worldwide In some cases, you as the customer, can correspond directly with our overseas suppliers and collecting stations by e-mail or fax to insure that you get exactly what you need. No other company can make this claim

All of our products are shipped from the country of origin to Los Angeles, where it screened, re-oxed and repacked at our airport facility, designed expressly for this purpose and then shipped directly to our customers. By doing this our customers obtain fat, healthy, disease free specimens that have not been sitting in a wholesalers tank. In some cases for up to 2 weeks. Our customers do not have to compete with other customers since we ship from our collectors directly to you. This assures the best possible fill for your order. There is no sales crew or jobbers cherry picking the shipment, no rare specimens being reserved for special customers. Just what you ordered being sent directly to you. Your orders are faxed or emailed directly to the suppliers overseas. You can even send your orders directly to some of our suppliers and request special items or check on new items. No other company can offer this service. Therefore there is NO miscommunication in the ordering process.

We import shipments an average of five days a week, with the majority of our imports arriving to Los Angeles on Sunday. We import rock from Tonga twice a week, Fiji fish and coral twice a week, as well as Vanuatu and Tonga Fish & corals on weekly basis. We pay our suppliers the very next day after a shipment, This makes PII a premium customer with our suppliers and results in PII getting priority over other customers.. What you order is what you get.
Our Tonga supplier is one of the most experienced suppliers in the trade. We obtain some of the best fish in the world from Tonga as well as a large variety of both cultured and wild collected Corals and cultured Clams from one of the largest clam farms in the South Pacific.

Our.Tridacna clams are second to none. They are housed in our climate controlled greenhouse and are usually available on demand. We offer both farmed and wild collected clams, from 1″ to breeder size in a variety of colors and species.

The live rock we sell from Tonga, we feel the best on the market today. Both in color and shapes and collected and shipped to us on the same day. The day the rock arrives in Los Angeles it is shipped to our customers immediately. Again our live rock is live, not rock that has been sitting around waiting to be ordered or sitting in boxes in a warehouse for days. It is covered with real coraline algae, not colored or dyed. We can collect and ship rock to order for any quantity or size, from nano tanks to 1000 gallon show tanks. We currently offer 6 different grades of rock from Tonga, We also offer rock from Vanuatu, Fiji, Bali.

Our motto is: “if you ask for it we can get it for you” We can make this claim because of our solid long standing relationships with our collectors overseas. As well as allowing our customers to “go right to the horses mouth”! By arranging for customers to communicate directly with some of our suppliers about your specific needs. No other supplier can make this claim!

Our cultured corals from Bali are second to none with the most vibrant colors you can imagine. Our supplier currently as over 250,000 cultured corals in several locations around Bali. We also offer cultured corals from Jakarta, Java, Surabaya and Sulawesi. Vanuatu is another great supplier for cultured corals. many of the Acroporas from Vanuatu are still undescribed and magnificent and available nowhere else. Fiji corals are another great product. Our supplier in Fiji packs in artificial seawater, their fish and corals do not require re-ox in Los Angeles, and he is perhaps the best shipper of fish and corals out of Fiji.

We can currently offer you Marine products from the following locations: : Bali, Jakarta, Java, Sumatra, Surabaya, Sulawesi, Kupang, Timor, Phillipines, Vietnam Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Samoa, Ponape, Sri Lanka and The Red Sea.
And Freshwater products from Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Please contact us if you would like to see any of our pricelists.
Phone : 562-916-0010 Fax : 562-916-7749
email : admin@pacisland.com

We will be happy to help you and hope to do business with you in the near future.
Thank you very much, Joseph & Brett Stebel