Welcome to Pacific Island Imports

Welcome to Pacific Island imports. We are direct importers of Live Tropical Fish Marine and Freshwater, Liverock, Corals, Invertebrates and Tridacna Clams. We ship to wholesalers and distributors across the US. All orders come direct to you, nothing is tanked and nothing is picked over. All re-ox is done with artificial seawater by our own 12 man crew. Our liverock is shipped to you the same day it arrives in Los Angeles, no warehouse storage, no old rock. All our tridacna clams are housed in Los Angeles in our green house, quarantined, rested, fed and then shipped to you. We house them under the greatest lighting system in the world, the sun.

Our motto is: “if you ask for it we can get it for you” We can make this claim because of our solid long standing relationships with our collectors overseas. As well as allowing our customers to “go right to the horses mouth”! By arranging for customers to communicate directly with some of our suppliers about your specific needs. No other supplier can make this claim!

Our cultured corals from Bali are second to none with the most vibrant colors you can imagine. Our supplier currently as over 250,000 cultured corals in several locations around Bali. We also offer cultured corals from Jakarta, Java, Surabaya and Sulawesi. Vanuatu is another great supplier for cultured corals. many of the Acroporas from Vanuatu are still undescribed and magnificent and available nowhere else. Fiji corals are another great product. Our supplier in Fiji packs in artificial seawater, their fish and corals do not require re-ox in Los Angeles, and he is perhaps the best shipper of fish and corals out of Fiji.