What is Transhipping?

Transhipping is buying a shipment directly from the supplier. Fish and coral are ordered by us directly to the supplier overseas. The order comes into Los Angeles is repacked and shipped directly to you.

How is the transhipping works?

When a customer places an order, it is done 4-5 days prior to the shipment arrival into Los Angeles. Once we receive your order, we fax itit directly overseas to the supplier. When the shipment arrives in Los Angeles and clears US Customs and Fish & Wild Life, it is taken to our warehouse for re-ox. When we re-ox your fish and corals, we use artificial sea water, match the pH and temperature, and repack it back into your boxes. We will add heat packs or Ice depending on the weather where the boxes will be shipped to.

How is the price of transhipping?

The price of transhipping is much more competitive than buying wholesale. Youget the product directly from the wholesaler, the same suppliers that the wholesalers buy from. Nothing is picked through, no one is allowing in while we are re-oxing the fish & corals (no cherry picking). You will be getting directly from the source, FOB (Freight on Board) country of origin. On the top you will have to pay international freight, clearance charge, box cahrge, cites charge (only on corals) and re-ox charge.

How many fishes fit in the Box?

This all depends on what country you are buying from. Fish from Tonga and Vanuatu can be up to 20 or 30 fish per box, or as little as one per box. It all depends on the country that you buy from and the size of the fish or coral that you order. Phillipne fish are packed the tightest and can be up to 100 fish per box (damsels, gobies, etc.) The boxes will weight more the larger the fish (more water = more weight). The average weight of boxes from Bali for fish would be 18-22kg, and corals weighing around 22-28kg per box. The other Indonesian countries would weigh around the same weight.

What is shipment schedule?

Shipments are brought into Los Angeles on weekly basis some twice a week. On Sunday we bring in Phillipines, Jakarta, Bali, Timor, Kupang, Vietnam, Srilanka and Sumatra. On Mondays and thursdays we bring Fiji, Tuesday we bring in Tonga and Wednesday We bring in Vanuatu.