Vietnam BOX LOTS

Posted by on May 15, 2016 in Reef Blogs | Comments Off on Vietnam BOX LOTS

Vietnam box lots are coming in this Sunday and Monday to you (05/22 into LAX) They do not come in every week so don’t miss out!!

We offer Premium box lots that have 24 pieces in a box. There is a break down of 8 ultra grade zoathids, 8 Grade A ultra mixed soft corals, and 8 Ultra/Grade A mixed soft coral combo rocks! Super deal and if you want you can ask for a whole box of Ultra/Grade A zoathids box or all mushrooms box lot for the same price!

OR we also bring in mixed box lots at a cheaper price. You can do box lots of all zoas, all mushrooms or mixed soft corals and about 22-25 pieces on a box. SUPER good deal and the coverage is amazing.

CALL TODAY for pricing!! Does not come in every week!

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