Fiji Rock!

Fiji rocks comes in and out of LAX all the time!
Boxes are approx. 50 pounds each!
Different shapes to choose from, see the selection below
(email me for pictures)


We offer a TRUCKING SERVICE, right your front door. Typically customers that order $1,000 pounds (25 boxes) only pay .25cents per pound to get rock to their door. The less you order, the more the freight but Great deal and Great quality!

Pre-order your rock today!!

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Vietnam BOX LOTS

Vietnam box lots are coming in this Sunday and Monday to you (05/22 into LAX) They do not come in every week so don’t miss out!!

We offer Premium box lots that have 24 pieces in a box. There is a break down of 8 ultra grade zoathids, 8 Grade A ultra mixed soft corals, and 8 Ultra/Grade A mixed soft coral combo rocks! Super deal and if you want you can ask for a whole box of Ultra/Grade A zoathids box or all mushrooms box lot for the same price!

OR we also bring in mixed box lots at a cheaper price. You can do box lots of all zoas, all mushrooms or mixed soft corals and about 22-25 pieces on a box. SUPER good deal and the coverage is amazing.

CALL TODAY for pricing!! Does not come in every week!

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Important information about ordering Golden Marindo Photos

Please Read and understand the condition as follow :
Wysiwyg items are limited in supply but the demand is considerably higher, thus we have to distribute wysiwyg items fairly among buyers.
There is a possibility that we substitute wysiwyg item with the same species that has similar coloration, look and characteristic.
Not all items are wysiwyg items, all wysiwyg items are marked accordingly.

Due to high demand, but limited supply and also limited permit, the fill rates may be lower than average, it is important to send us enough orderto get a 1 box shipment, place your order around 25 pcs so that will give the supplier enough options, in case the item(s) you order are not available.
We prefer customer who order variety of corals across the board not limited to only wysiwyg items.

When you give us really small order for example 12 pcs or 14 pcs usually the box will be half empty, the supplier may have to add more piece
of their choice to fill up the box. To avoid this situation, we recommend you send an order with at least 25 pcs, ideally 30 pcs.

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